Top marks for York’s quality of teaching, libraries and tech

York University makes a strong showing today in The Globe and Mail‘s annual University Report Card, earning top grades in its category for overall quality of education and teaching. This is the newspaper’s third annual survey of 38 Canadian universities and is based on the perceptions of 28,000 students at the respective institutions across Canada. Around 1,500 York students completed the survey.

Left and below: York’s modern, high-tech facilities get top marks from students

Among universities with over 25,000 full-time enrolments, York gained the top grade in the category for overall quality of education (B+), quality of teaching (B), libraries (A-) and online library resources (A-). York’s faculty received an A- from their students for knowledge of their subject and York was the leader in the category for course offerings, earning a B+ for both course variety and number of courses. Students also gave the University’s modern, high-tech facilities top marks, recognizing York’s extensive investments in its classrooms and lecture halls (B), as well as the on-campus availability of up-to-date computers (A-) and computer assistance (B). Students also noted the convenience of class scheduling (B-) and improvements to online services and support to students.

“The Globe’s survey delivers a clear message. York’s academics are strong and the calibre of teaching by faculty is exceptional,” said York President and Vice-Chancellor Lorna R. Marsden. “Students also recognize that York’s extensive course offerings, libraries, state-of-the-art classrooms and technological support make York one of the very best learning environments in Canada.”

York received lower marks for public transportation (C+), which also reflected a shared desire by the York community to encourage a speedy resolution to plans to establish a rapid bus transit route from Downsview subway station to campus. “While this is a useful interim solution, the extension of the subway through York’s campus is the real, lasting solution,” said Marsden.

“We are very pleased to see improvements in this year’s survey, which is based on a grading model that positions York among other large, urban universities,” said Marsden, “This offers a more accurate assessment of York’s strengths as the leading interdisciplinary university.”