Good Housekeeping

The work of Toronto artist Chanel Kennebrew will be on display at a new exhibit at the Samuel J. Zacks Art Gallery located on the Keele campus of York University. The exhibit, titled Good Housekeeping, will run until Sept. 17.

In Good Housekeeping, Kennebrew works with the reproductive nature of photography and digital print media to present a critique of social consumer life and the idealized desires and identities manifested in modern, urban societies. The exhibit consists of 12 prints, six screenprinted t-shirts and one handmade book.

“I make work that I can relate to; I deal with topics that baffle me in everyday media such as reinforced stereotypes and social expectations,” said Kennebrew.

The Samuel J. Zacks Art Gallery was dedicated on October 31, 1972, as a memorial to the late Samuel J. Zacks, who was a practicing artist, distinguished collector and benefactor. The gallery strives to provide a nurturing and flexible space for professionals as well as emerging student artists to experiment, question, explore and grow in their field.

Good Housekeeping will run until Sept. 17 at Zacks Gallery located at 109 Stong College. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 11:30am-4pm. Admission is free.

For further information about Good Housekeeping, upcoming exhibits, or general Zacks Gallery information, contact Lisa Lurie or Shannon Spence at ext. 33055 or e-mail