Nothing is sacrosanct at the Launch Short Film Festival

Personal perspectives, crazy comedy, political activism and edgy drama – nothing is sacrosanct at the Launch Short Film Festival. There is still time to take in the collection of eclectic films created and produced by the 2004 graduating class of York University’s film & video production program. The festival, which began yesterday, wraps up this evening with screenings at 7pm and 9:30pm at the Royal Cinema, 680 College Street, Toronto. Admission to each screening is just $5, or catch a double bill for only $8. Tickets are available at the door, beginning at 6:30pm.

June 16 Program – 7pm

Heaven is a Place that Starts with “H”
A quirky film about affection, connection and belonging – and how there is no guarantee of that, even within your own family.
Producer/Director: Tricia Lee
Cinematographer: Anice Wong
Editor: J. Lauren Johnson
Sound Designer: Mike Montanera

Spinning the Wheel 
Director: May Chew
Crew: Hugh Gibson & Paul Germain

Going Home
You can always go home, but you can never go back…
Writer/Director: Morgan Passi
Cinematographer: Queena Chan
Sound Recordist: Pete Adams
Editor: John Ibbitson

The Triple High Five
A video about diamond-rimmed dumpsters, traffic jammers and the exegesis of transience….
Director: Alain Mercieca
Editor: Mike Tersigni

A young rat becomes the central figure of a diabolical power struggle when he enters the inescapable world of “The Lab”.
Director: Corey Brown
Producer: Tricia Lee
Videographer: Anice Wong
Sound Design: Mike Montanera
Editor: Mike Tersigni

Life Eternal
Things change…will you remember?
Director/Producer/Editor: Andrés Livov-Macklin
Videographer: Jorge Rangel León

I’m okay. He loves me…
Director: Meagan McAteer
Cinematographer: Marc Forand
Editor: Melissa Brenner
Sound Design: Pete Adams

Reel Canadian Dream
They say that Canadians are downbeat…and they go to a theatre to watch American films.
Writer/Director/Editor: Paulina Robak
Sound: Sidrah Laldin
Videographers: Wendi Marchioni & Hugh Gibson 


Hogtown Blues
Blood, sweat and tears: just another love story.
Director: Hugh Gibson
Cinematographer: Carl Elster
Editor: Mike Tersigni
Sound Editor: Samantha Stokell
Sound Mixer: Stephanie DaCosta

A film by Carly Gray

Whose Rights, Anyway? Justice for Mohamed
Protecting one’s country has never been so prevalent as it is today. Yet the Canadian government, in the name of “national security,” has violated the fundamental rights of humans and has gone against its own democratic beliefs.
Director/Producer: Anice Wong
Sound Recordist: Conall Pendergast
Editor: May Chew
Videographers: Peter Johnson, Morgan Passi, Anice Wong

A young man returns home to visit his ailing mother and is haunted by childhood memories of his long-lost father.
Writer/Director: Tim Dotan
Cinematographer: Justin Maalihan
Editor: J. Lauren Johnson
Sound Recordists: Conall Pendergast & Paul Germain
Sound Editors: Brian Malbon & Queena Chan

A film by Christine Jeoffroy

Hysterica & The Wandering Womb
She will no longer be divided against herself….
A film by Michelle Lovegrove Thomson

So Long
(The ultimate) f–k you (to the world).
Director: J. Lauren Johnson
Cinematographer: Queena Chan
Editor: Stephanie DaCosta

Final Act
In this dark comedy, Lucas, a struggling young actor, finds himself landing the role of a lifetime…but there’s a catch. When his big death scene comes around in Act 5, it’s going to be for REAL. Lucas and the other actors must find a way to escape, because when the lights go down…it’s curtains!
Writer/Director: Matthew Crandall
Videographer: Mike Montanera
Editor: Matt Lennox