Worst not over for investors, cautions Milevsky

In a story in the Globe and Mail June 4 canvassing analysts for stock-market predictions, Professor Moshe Milevsky of York’s Schulich School of Business said he doesn’t believe the worst is behind us. Uncertainty surrounding deflation as well as the possibility for more accounting scandals could yank stocks back down to those October lows over the near term, he said. “I think we’re always fooled by the charts. We take a look and we count how many days have elapsed since the last bottom and if we’ve had enough time that’s elapsed, we can declare that the bear market’s over,” he said.

York software aboard space shuttle

A computer equipped with software designed by York kinesiology and health science Professor Barry Fowler was being tested recently by astronaut Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to float freely in space, reported the Winnipeg Free Press June 4. Hadfield was in Winnipeg scouting for future astronauts and checked out one of the three computers at Winnipeg’s Magellan Aerospace, the company that helped build them. The converted IBM laptops aid in experiments measuring hand-eye coordination in space. Scientists know that microgravity in space slows down astronauts’ coordination in the first week or so in space, but aren’t sure why, says the article. Once Endeavour flights are resumed scientists will run through a series of simple tests on the converted computers to measure astronauts’ response times, both on ground and in space. Such research could give insights into medical problems on Earth – for instance, how the brain adapts to injuries or diseases that affect hand-eye coordination.

Marsden speaks at Toronto City Summit

Lorna R. Marsden, York president and vice-chancellor, is among several guest speakers at today’s Toronto City Summit at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, reported Canada News-Wire June 3. More than 300 community, corporate, labour and public sector leaders from across Toronto planned to attend. Discussions will focus on the Toronto City Summit Alliance Action Plan entitled “Enough Talk”.

On Air

  • Nancy White, York’s director of media relations, was interviewed by hosts of CBC Radio One’s “Ontario Today” June 3 about university residences and the double cohort. She was asked whether double cohort applicants who have been accepted by Toronto educational institutions such as York would have trouble finding a place in residence. So far, so good, White said, and more buildings are on the way. She also talked about whether younger applicants would be mature enough to handle student residence life.