Informing students about informatics

Faculty of Health Professor Christo El Morr’s second-year course, Introduction to Health Informatics, is the first time most health studies students encounter the field of informatics, and he is determined to make the experience a positive one. El Morr invites professionals into his classroom to speak with his students about their work in health informatics and related topics.

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Law courses look toward future of the profession

The legal profession of the future will look different than it does today, if the creators and students of Osgoode Hall Law School’s Justice Innovation and Access to Justice Program have anything to say about it. The program offers courses that provide skills that are not usually taught as part of legal education, such as collaboration, an understanding of technology and a user-centred perspective.

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Playing in Sandbox option for York faculty

York University’s participation in “Sandbox” doesn’t mean you will see professors sitting outdoors with pails and shovels. The EdTech Sandbox, along with Open Textbook, are eCampus Ontario initiatives that advance educational technology and postsecondary learning.

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