Tiger Woods: Winning doesn’t fix everything, but it sure does sell

The photos Woods and his current girlfriend released to the media last month were a thoroughly planned and well-timed public relations ploy. “It’s also a chance to show other sponsors [Woods] is on the rise and they should align themselves with him. It’s an effort to portray a reformed image,” said Schulich School of Business sports marketing instructor Vijay Setlur in the Toronto Star.

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Canadians furious over temporary foreign worker cases

Canada has tripled the number of temporary foreign workers allowed into the country in the last decade….”It could very well be that in an effort to satisfy employer demands, the federal government has failed to maintain adequate scrutiny of these applications and is approving them far too readily,” said Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Eric Tucker on Radio Canada International.

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Surprise! Stress makes us poorer decision-makers

“When people are anxious or under high levels of stress they are likely to make more mistakes,” said Ronald Burke, professor of organizational studies at York’s Schulich School of Business, in The Globe and Mail. “Because of anxiety they feel pressure to act quickly.”

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