Minimum wage hikes: Benefits offset the costs

“It is far from clear why higher productivity prompted by higher wages is a bad thing. And it is worth underlining that even small negative impacts on employment arising from a minimum-wage increase will leave the great majority of minimum-wage workers better off,” wrote York’s Packer Professor of social justice Andrew Jackson in The Globe and Mail.

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Seize the continent

“The explosion of imported goods from China, India and other Asian economies is leading to serious congestion in the ports, rails and roads of North America. The solution may lie with Canada’s own transportation infrastructure,” co-wrote York University Professor Charles McMillan in the Financial Post.

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Unpaid internships: The most precarious work of all

“You won’t find the word ‘intern’ in our employment laws at all. It’s an industry term,” said York Professor David Doorey in the Toronto Star. “There seems to be a widely held belief that an employer avoids our basic employment law rules simply by labelling someone an intern. That’s wrong.”

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