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31.10.2014 in York in the Media

Majority of York Region voters elect to stay home

“Voting is not like a market, it’s not a consumer item. If I don’t go to Walmart, I hurt Walmart. If I don’t vote, I hurt myself,” said York University political science Professor Dennis Pilon in the Aurora Banner.

30.10.2014 in York in the Media

TPSB begins public consultations for next chief

“We need a chief who understands how communities feel when they are being policed,” said York University law Professor Margaret Beare in the Toronto Sun. “We need a chief who brings a different tone to the force.”

29.10.2014 in York in the Media

Add $46 a year per Canadian to housing budget, cut homelessness: report

According to researchers from York University and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, existing intervention programs can only go so far if those who find a way off the streets or out of shelters can’t afford their own place to live, reported the Hamilton Spectator.

28.10.2014 in York in the Media

A look at the challenges in preventing attacks from lone-wolf terrorists

When small cells of people or individuals set out to commit acts of terror, it can be incredibly difficult to track them down, according to York University security expert Martin Shadwick in News1130.

27.10.2014 in York in the Media

Missed call: The influence of cell phone culture on accuracy in political polls

“Academic and industry studies have noted that the recent decline in the response rate to telephone surveys has had a great influence on the validity of the data produced,” wrote York University PhD candidate Quintin Zachary Hewlett in Rabble.ca.

23.10.2014 in York in the Media

Musicians are better multitaskers

York University psychologists Linda Moradzadeh, Galit Blumenthal and Melody Wiseheart report musicians appear to have “superior ability to maintain and manipulate competing information in memory, allowing for efficient global processing,” reported the Pacific Standard.

22.10.2014 in York in the Media

New paper finds fuzzy definitions for board diversity

“The companies most frequently define diversity with reference to a director’s prior experience or other non identity-based factors rather than his or her socio-demographic characteristics,” said Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Aaron A. Dhir in The New York Times.

21.10.2014 in York in the Media

Time for true diversity in corporate boardrooms

“Can it really be that in a population the size of Toronto’s there is such a dearth of qualified racialized candidates?” wrote Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Aaron A. Dhir in the Toronto Star.

20.10.2014 in York in the Media

Toronto fashion week: Do fashion and feminism make strange bedfellows?

Schulich School of Business marketing Prof. Eileen Fischer says consumers shouldn’t be too quick to write off the entire industry as anti-feminist. “It’s hard to make sweeping claims that fashion is this or that, or empowering, or anti-feminist. It’s just way more complicated than that,” said Fischer in the Toronto Star.

16.10.2014 in York in the Media

How safe are we from Ebola?

York University political science Professor Roger Keil, who co-authored an in-depth study of how SARS affected Toronto as a city, says he sees some parallels with the new threat, most specifically how it, too, has emerged from a region of the world that North Americans don’t spend much time thinking about, reported Maclean’s.

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