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25.11.2014 in York in the Media

Five places in the solar system we should explore next

There’s evidence that Mars once was warmer and wetter than today, which is why John Moores of York University wants to conduct climate studies there similar to those on our planet, reported the National Post.

24.11.2014 in York in the Media

Basic science is the centre of gravity, says particle physics lab chief

After spending six years as the director of TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle and nuclear physics lab, York alumnus Nigel Lockyer was hired away last year to become director of Fermilab, the U.S.’s premier particle physics lab and accelerator, reported the Toronto Star.

20.11.2014 in York in the Media

Scientists at CERN atom smasher confirm York U physicist’s theories

“Finding these two shows our experiments, which are very challenging, are being done correctly,” said York University physicist Randy Lewis in the Toronto Star.

19.11.2014 in York in the Media

‘Jellification’ in Muskoka, Haliburton may affect fish

A research team led by Adam Jeziorski at Queen’s, Norman Yan at York University and Andrew Tanentzap at the University of Cambridge has discovered that a jelly-clad, calcium-poor competitor called Holopedium is increasing in abundance in temperate Canadian lakes, reported the Waterloo Region Record.

18.11.2014 in York in the Media

What’s next: 5 new goals in space exploration

“That’s certainly their next expectation: to go to Mars with a sample return,” said York University astronomer Paul Delaney in the Ottawa Citizen. Why come back? “Nothing better than to bring a piece of rock here and give it to a geologist, give it to a chemist, give it to a biologist and let them go for broke with every possible experiment under the sun.”

17.11.2014 in York in the Media

The amazing promise of Philae and the comet

Looking forward, Rosetta will provide many more cosmic thrills, including a view from just 30 kilometres up of the comet’s dazzling coma, or head, and its tail unfurling as it closes in on the sun, said York University astronomer Paul Delaney in the Toronto Star.

13.11.2014 in York in the Media

Are you suffering from political burnout?

“I think it depends on whether people can find meaning in the elections,” said York University political science Professor Dennis Pilon in News1130. “It becomes a problem when they are constantly bombarded but they don’t see the buy-in for themselves — why does this matter, why should they care?”

12.11.2014 in York in the Media

Historic Philae comet landing has Canadian connection

Jakub Urbanek, a Rosetta operations engineer, is a Canadian connection to the team that successfully landed a probe on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Urbanek immigrated with his family to Canada from Poland as a young child, and attended high school in Windsor, Ont. He then completed an undergraduate degree in space engineering at York University in Toronto, reported CBC News Nov. 12.

11.11.2014 in York in the Media

Preparing for battle: political parties stockpiling millions for election

Election spending limits will only kick in for political parties once the campaign officially starts in September 2015…. “This makes the period before the election a money-spending free-for-all for the manipulation of voters,” said York University political science Professor Robert MacDermid in the Ottawa Citizen.

10.11.2014 in York in the Media

Student stress must be addressed, York University professor says

As scientists discover links between emotional well-being and how we learn, governments must shift their focus from test scores to temperament, said York University psychology Professor Stuart Shanker in the Toronto Star.

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