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23.10.2014 in York in the Media

Musicians are better multitaskers

York University psychologists Linda Moradzadeh, Galit Blumenthal and Melody Wiseheart report musicians appear to have “superior ability to maintain and manipulate competing information in memory, allowing for efficient global processing,” reported the Pacific Standard.

22.10.2014 in York in the Media

New paper finds fuzzy definitions for board diversity

“The companies most frequently define diversity with reference to a director’s prior experience or other non identity-based factors rather than his or her socio-demographic characteristics,” said Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Aaron A. Dhir in The New York Times.

21.10.2014 in York in the Media

Time for true diversity in corporate boardrooms

“Can it really be that in a population the size of Toronto’s there is such a dearth of qualified racialized candidates?” wrote Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Aaron A. Dhir in the Toronto Star.

20.10.2014 in York in the Media

Toronto fashion week: Do fashion and feminism make strange bedfellows?

Schulich School of Business marketing Prof. Eileen Fischer says consumers shouldn’t be too quick to write off the entire industry as anti-feminist. “It’s hard to make sweeping claims that fashion is this or that, or empowering, or anti-feminist. It’s just way more complicated than that,” said Fischer in the Toronto Star.

16.10.2014 in York in the Media

How safe are we from Ebola?

York University political science Professor Roger Keil, who co-authored an in-depth study of how SARS affected Toronto as a city, says he sees some parallels with the new threat, most specifically how it, too, has emerged from a region of the world that North Americans don’t spend much time thinking about, reported Maclean’s.

15.10.2014 in York in the Media

The mission against ISIS fails the national interest test

“The idea that Canada is morally compelled to involve itself in this particular operation at this particular time is bogus,” wrote York University political science Professor James Laxer in the Toronto Star.

14.10.2014 in York in the Media

Test of faith

Mainline Protestant churches across downtown Hamilton are in trouble. Declining congregations and revenue have put them in a fight for survival that could permanently alter the city’s religious and architectural heritage…. “They’ve all taken on this kind of multiple role,” said York University geography Professor Ranu Basu in the Hamilton Spectator. “They’ve become places where diversity meets, interacts and is able to form these kind of really, really interesting communities.”

10.10.2014 in York in the Media

Ontario health minister to review secrecy involving doctors

Mary Wiktorowicz, associate dean in the Faculty of Health at York University, is quoted in the Toronto Star Oct. 10 in a story about Ontario’s health minister, Dr. Eric Hoskins, who is ordering a review of a controversial piece of legislation that gives medical regulatory bodies discretion on whether to alert police when one of their members may have committed a crime.

09.10.2014 in York in the Media

The intelligent life of the city raccoon

York University psychology Professor Suzanne MacDonald, who studies raccoon behaviour, has compared the problem-solving skills of rural and city raccoons. The result? Urbanites trump their country cousins in both intelligence and ability, reported Nautilus.

08.10.2014 in York in the Media

Without national strategy, local food producers struggle to stem Canada’s growing hunger problem

Canada trails other countries in developing a “joined-up” national food policy that recognizes food as a biological and cultural necessity rather than a product to be bought and sold, said York University environmental studies Professor Rod McRae in The Globe and Mail.

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