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17.12.2014 in York in the Media

Michael Bryant urges repeal of law that 'criminalizes homelessness'

York University Professor Stephen Gaetz said the law is a “waste” of the justice system’s resources, reported the Toronto Star. Gaetz estimated that it cost Toronto police almost $1 million in time to hand out $4 million in tickets between 2000 and 2010 — 99 per cent of which are never paid because homeless people cannot afford the fines that range from $60 to $500.

15.12.2014 in York in the Media

Why Israel is the ideal place to teach entrepreneurs how to succeed

Last summer, 21 students from York’s Lassonde School of Engineering spent three weeks in the Holy Land, learning essential lessons about business, life and global markets, reported the Financial Post.

10.12.2014 in York in the Media

Auditor general blasts Liberals' public-private funding and 'high-risk' MaRS loan

Infrastructure Ontario CEO Bert Clark said the “$8 billion number does not tell the whole story” because large-scale publicly funded projects — such as the troubled Union Station renovation and the slow-moving Spadina subway extension to York University — routinely suffer from cost overruns and delays, reported the Toronto Star.

09.12.2014 in York in the Media

John Ivison: Provinces could kill new prostitution law by refusing to enforce it

It is highly possible that opposition from provincial governments could see its provisions to prosecute johns and pimps, rather than sellers of sex, wither from lack of use…. “The provinces can decide to nullify a new enactment simply by refusing to prosecute cases brought under this law,” said Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Alan Young in the National Post.

08.12.2014 in York in the Media

Concussion treatment for youths up 50 per cent in seven years, study finds

“The bad news is that the number of children who are getting treated for concussions is definitely rising,” said York University Professor Alison Macpherson, the study’s lead author and adjunct scientist with ICES, in the Toronto Star. “But the good news is that I think at least some of that is because parents and everybody generally are more aware that concussion is a problem.”

04.12.2014 in York in the Media

How to deal with abusive, histrionic and misunderstood bosses

“Some really difficult people are very high performers,” said Paul Fairlie, a psychologist who teaches human resources management at York University, in the Financial Post. “There are a lot of ways of getting good results from your employees. Some difficult bosses do get high performance from their staff, but in the worst ways possible, and it’s not sustainable.”

03.12.2014 in York in the Media

Momentum building for youth homeless plan in York Region

The report, authored by five researchers under the guidance of York University Professor Stephen Gaetz, suggests that the region may be particularly well suited to deal with homelessness before young people move to the “big city,” reported Yonge Street.

02.12.2014 in York in the Media

'I told you so': John Tory's choices for top positions lean to the right

“This guy’s a conservative and now people are surprised that he’s surrounding himself with conservatives,” said York University Professor Dennis Pilon in Metro. “Tory’s going to be a more effective Rob Ford. That’s what people voted for. They may not have thought they were voting for that, but that’s what they’ve got.”

01.12.2014 in York in the Media

Apotex suing health minister over refusal to license Parkinson's drug

“If the manufacturing problems that led to the banning of previous products have not been corrected and can be seen to apply to any new products, then I think the minister has grounds to withdraw or suspend a notice of compliance,” said York University Professor Joel Lexchin in the Toronto Star.

27.11.2014 in York in the Media

York U sings praises of proposed new campus

Officials said this week that the proposed York University campus near the new Pan Am Centre in Markham will make the most of resources already in place, which could be an advantage in its bid, reported the Markham Economist and Sun.

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