Presidential response to a “Toronto Life” article published in the October 2013 issue

A story in the October issue of Toronto Life magazine titled “Fortress York” presents a wholly distorted picture of women’s safety on the campus of York University. The article employs one out-of-context statistic to make sweeping and misleading generalizations that foster an atmosphere of fear in the York community and beyond, and cause undue reputational damages to the University.

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Statement from York University President Mamdouh Shoukri on Professor John Greyson

The undue delay in releasing the two Canadians, who have been held in detention for 30 days without a full explanation of the nature of the charges, raises serious concerns in our minds about the fairness of the judicial process. We call upon Egyptian authorities to expedite their inquiry and to release the two men without further delay so that they may return to their families and friends in Canada.

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