Annual ceremony celebrates student engagement and leadership

The eighth annual Celebration of Student Engagement, Leadership and Volunteerism held by York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LAPS) and its Student Council (SCOLAPS) recognized and celebrated student leaders, alumni, staff, volunteers and clubs recently.

Recipients of the 2018 SCOLAPS Award for Councillor Initiative

Recipients of the 2018 SCOLAPS Award for Councillor Initiative

The April 24 ceremony and reception honoured 2018 award winners who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding contributions to enhancing the student experience within the Faculty.

Associate Dean Peter Avery (left) and Antonnia Kiana Blake

Associate Dean Peter Avery (left) and Antonnia Kiana Blake

“We have many students who are actively participating in the Faculty and helping to make it a better place,” said Peter Avery, associate dean, Students, who presented the LAPS Leadership and Volunteer Awards. “Congratulations to all this year’s winners. We’re proud of our students for the leadership they have shown.”

Antonnia Kiana Blake, president of the Student Council of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, presented the SCOLAPS Engagement and Governance Awards.

“It is always amazing to see students being recognized for their hard work and leadership within the Faculty,” said Blake. “A leader is nothing without a strong team. SCOLAPS members have demonstrated continued dedication and commitment to representing the student voice. SCOLAPS has attracted some of the Faculty’s most involved students, and I’m happy to see how each member has grown this academic year.”

LA&PS Leadership & Volunteer Award winners:

Outstanding Leadership Award
Adam Lake
Antonnia Kiana Blake
Melissa McLetchie

Outstanding Student Volunteer Award
Larissa Crawford
Robert Hanlon

Outstanding International Student Leadership and Volunteer Award
Michelle Cobblah

Outstanding Overall Contribution to Student Experience Award — Student Association
Professional Writing Students’ Association (PWSA)
Honorable Mention – Student Council of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (SCOLAPS)

SCOLAPS Engagement and Governance Award winners:

Martin Singer Award for Dedication to Student Engagement
Antonnia Kiana Blake

Marilyn Lambert-Drache Award for Initiative in Governance
Amanat Khullar

SCOLAPS Award for Staff Contribution
Bann Al-Soultani
Timothy Hudson

Ian Greene Award for Teaching Excellence — Professor and Teaching Assistant Awards
Professor – Dunja Baus
Teaching assistant – Sarah Akhtar

SCOLAPS Award for Councillor Participation
Adedolapo Adekeye
Tawfic Amandi
Lucas Amello
Y’vonne Asmah
Saif Bourini
Noorpreet Dhillon
Soveda Dixon
Ali Essop
Huong Giang
Amesha Gray
Marlon Gullusci
Derek Ha
Robert Hanlon
Sophie Hundal
Issa Jamaa
Sekou Kaba
Yifei Kang
Navjot Kaur
Liswa Luhlanga
Austin Mah
Farhat Malik
Meriana Matta
Karim Naeem
Jasmine Ng
Dominic Ong
Sajeth Paskaran
Rod Philpot
Kocan Sadia
Subha Salwa
Taniya Sharma
Cindy Ta
Muhammad Yasir Khan
Trevor York
Maria-Palma Zito
Constantinos Zoes

SCOLAPS Award for Councillor Initiative
Rawi Asghar
Shubham Bansal
Morris Bartley
Michelle Cobblah
Keith Davis
Cassandra DeFreitas
Zeng Chris HaoRan
Hammna Iftikhar
Aria Kamal
Amanat Khullar
Naemat Khurana
Cory Chad Clinton Lewis
Shuyi Mai
Muhammad Shahmir Masood
Christina Mounts
Noorin Pattni
Sandreen Porter
Ajay Rakhra
Lisa Lynn Stewart
Kim Tram
Marco Viele
Kendra Wilson
Mary Wojcicki

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